Investment & Real Estate Consulting


Whether you are a savvy property investor, first-time home buyer or a Do-It-Yourself enthusiast – we can help!

Investment Consulting

Looking to invest in real estate? We work with all types of investors with an array of budgets and risk tolerances.

We conduct extensive research and create unique strategies to get the highest possible returns on investments.

Our investment service includes detailed reports with multiple scenarios, forecasts, and practical suggestions for your short and long term investment projects.

Real Estate Consulting

We offer a variety of consulting services to suit on your real estate needs.

An example of our specialized services are Trend Reports.

Trend Reports consist of analyses of the local area using credible sources, personal observations and interviews. These reports include data about property history, trends and forecasts.

Another service we offer are on-site, pre-purchase, property inspections by licensed inspectors.

This service includes a detailed inspection report outlining critical tasks to ensure your property is up to standards, codes, and regulations.

The pre-purchase inspection report includes valuable guidance on how to save money during closing!

Consulting fees

Prices for consulting services vary depending on the type and location of the property. Our goal is to provide you added value from every service we offer.  Additional services also include individually tailored analysis reports and hourly consultations.

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