Real Estate Consulting


Whether you are a savvy property investor, first-time home buyer or a Do-It-Yourself enthusiast – we can help with professional consultation!

Looking to invest in real estate and would like an expert to analyze thoroughly your investment opportunity?

We work with all types of investors with an array of budgets and risk tolerances.

We conduct extensive research and create unique strategies to get the highest possible returns on investment/s.

Our consulting service includes detailed reports with multiple scenarios, forecasts, and practical suggestions for your short and long-term investment projects.

You can choose one of our current consulting packages, or can contact us for a unique, tailored consulting quote.

Contact us for more information!

Consulting Fees

  • Prices for consulting services vary depending on the type and location of the property. Our goal is to provide you added value with every service we offer.  Additional services also include individually tailored analysis reports and hourly consultations.

Consulting Packages Available to Purchase

Bronze Consulting Package (zip code & market analysis, ROI sheet) – $400 Time to deliver: 3-7 business days

*Most Popular Silver Consulting Package (bronze package + pre-purchase inspections + suggestions and 1-hour conference summary) – $1,249 (instead of $1,350)

*Best Value For Investors Gold Consulting Package (Silver package + BPO report) – $1,599 (instead of $1,700)

Platinum Consulting Package (Gold package + trends report) – $2,199 (instead of $2,449) Time to deliver: 10-15 business days

Commercial consulting report – typically the commercial consulting report cost between $5,000-$15,000 and is best fit for large commercial properties (50+ units, strip malls, and any other unique type of properties). We collaborate with one of the top commercial professionals in the industry and country!

Contact us for more details and a 15 minutes of free consultation conference so we can understand your needs better, and so we can provide you a specific pricing for your commercial needs!

Simple Consulting Reports Available to Purchase Online

(you will receive a link to download right after payment):

Old generic BPO report (so you can see what you can expect) – $49

Old Market Analysis report (so you can see what you can expect) – $49

Old generic trend report (Roxborough 2004-2014) – $149

Single Consulting Products Available to Purchase Online

(delivery time: 3-7 business days):

ROI sheet (Return Of Investment) Short 1 page analysis – $49

Tenant’s screening report – $55

1 Hourly consultation and conference summary and suggestions – $350

1 Hourly teaching/mentoring session for real estate professionals (licensed agents only) – $299

New BPO report (Specific property + 3 comparable sold properties – PA only) – $359

Market analysis report, per zip code, (this report is comparing a specific zip code vs the city, county and national data). $359

This report includes the following: Demographic, Education, Climate, Costs of Living, Economy & Jobs, Health and Health Care, and Transportation.

For the following products, delivery time will be: 7-15 business days):

Pre-purchase inspections (home inspections and termites’ inspection reports) $600

(This service includes a detailed inspection report outlining critical tasks to ensure your property is up to standards, codes, and regulations; The pre-purchase inspection report includes valuable guidance on how to save money during closing!)

Specific area 10-years trend report (inspecting a specific 1-2 miles radius area, 10 years sold comps research in Philadelphia only) – $749

3 Hours teaching/mentoring package for real estate professionals (licensed agents only) – $799

3 Hours package of consultation and conference summary and suggestions – $999