We are:

  • • Very direct and upfront.
  • • Educated, organized, and a very motivated investment team.
  • • Committed to providing superior returns to our investors.


 We are not:

• Another giant real estate investment and property management company.
• Going to promise you absurd returns on your investments.
• Going to take high risks.
• Going to “bait and switch” prices with “small print” additions.


What we do:

• We give you the most accurate information and up-to-date data available.
• We reduce expenses without compromising high-quality results on every project.
• We like to invest with our investors on higher-end projects; when we do that, we usually make an equal or greater cash investment than our investors.
• We invest our time, energy, labor, experience, business connections, expertise, resources, make the property’s renovations and execute management agreements at no additional expense to you in cases of partnership.
• Our unique management style, energetic approach and professional experience drawing from a variety of professional disciplines generates increased revenues and creates operational synergies.
• We are always open to new investors and on the lookout for new investment projects everyday.


Below is information about different investment options now available to you.  Due to the nature of the business options may change.

Contact us directly for the most up to date information and opportunities available.  We look forward to working with you!

Do Your Own Thing

Choose your own investment opportunity while using our services and expertise

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Completely New Projects

Become a Business Partner
Become a Business Partner

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Join an Existing Project

Completely Renovated Projects:
Occupied + Cash-flow Positive

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Be a Part of a Group

Join a group of Investors.
Opportunities begin at 50K!

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