Join an Existing Project

We care about relationships, equity, and return on investments.

When you decide to invest in one of our projects, you are choosing a smart, worry-free, solid investment.

We won’t offer you absurd rates of return for your investment.  We offer real estate investment opportunities on completely renovated, occupied, cash flow positive, well located properties with a proven track records of investment performance and returns.

NO “projected” income, “projected” expenses or “projected” ROI (Return on investment) – we deliver the facts. You can expect between 6-12% net ROI, depends on our final contract and the risk you are willing to take

Due to frequent fluctuations in the real estate market we don’t publish specific available deals and projects on specific properties online.  Call us or contact us online if you would like to know more about currently available investment opportunities available to you.

Examples of Recent Projects  

These are the type of projects you can typically expect if you decide to join any of our projects: